Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Lack of creativity and a loose tooth

I am here, but am having trouble with my creative side.

My daughter, who is 12, is sitting with me and she suggested that I write about her loose tooth. It's one of her back teeth. The gum is swollen, the tooth is very loose, but stubbornly hanging by... maybe the root. I'm not sure though because I'm not fond of looking at it.

I told her I could get a pair of pliers or maybe the staple remover. She wasn't cracked up about my suggestions. My grandpa used to tie our tooth to a string and tie the other end of the string to a door handle. Then shut the door. Maybe that's where I learned to run so fast.

I don't really run fast now, but I remember flying like the wind to catch up to that door.
I love my grandpa and this is actually a fond memory of him, despite what I've conveyed. One other fun thing about my grandpa is that he used to call me "Buzz".

Well, he is now living with Alzheimer's which is a topic for a whole other time. One last thought for now, I pray for him, my grandma and for my aunts, uncles and other relatives who lovingly care for him. It's moments like right now that I wish I lived down the street from him instead of 8 hours away.

Not the post I set out to write, but it's the post that wrote itself.


  1. the door thing works. oz used dental floss. but beware, it may fling the tooth and you may not find it again. :)

  2. Loose teeth are always a source of interest and excitement at our house, too. ;)