Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Rebecca Kochenderfer--Inspired Learning

My favorite speaker of the weekend was Rebecca Kochenderfer. She spoke on "Inspired Learning." Oh, wow, was it good...and inspirational! :)

One of the first things she said:: Relax more. (Go back and read that again!) She said that they did a survey of veteran homeschool moms and asked them the #1 piece of advice they would give new homeschool moms and it was to RELAX MORE! Don't get stressed out about academics and pouring information into your children...make learning meaningful.
Learning is more memorable when it is meaningful. When it's something that interests them, they will learn it and remember it. Stoke the fire that is under your child. {Don't you love that? God has gifted them, given them talents, abilities and passions, learn those passions and stoke the fire!}

She talked a lot about having dreams and goals. Each participant in the session received her book, Homeschooling and Loving It. I'm looking forward to reading it this summer and going through the questions and exercises. For example, she has you write down goals and dreams you have for yourself. That's right, Moms, we need goals and dreams!

I really enjoyed her and was inspired!


  1. Dear Heather,

    Thank you so much for your kind words. I'm so glad my speech was helpful to you. And congratulations on your blog. I just love the way homeschoolers help each other, don't you? It's so special.

    Rebecca Kochenderfer
    Senior Editor,

  2. How fun that YOU commented on my blog, Rebecca. You made my day!
    And, yes, I have gotten a lot of help and encouragement from the blogging community.

    Take good care!