Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Love of Friends

A little over 30 years ago, my Dad and Step mom met a couple who introduced them to the Lord. I woke up thinking about them. I just "found" their son on facebook--I can't explain the feeling I had when we became Facebook friends! I've thought of them SO often over the years. They truly have never been far from my mind and heart. The husband, Tom has been with the Lord for years now. I remember his smile, his somewhat unruly beard, but most of all I remember his heart. He loved the Lord and I can still picture him bent over his Bible underlining Scripture that spoke to him. He and his wife had two kids--a girl and a boy. We had SO much fun playing with them when we were growing up. And they had a German Shepherd named Shadow.

I honestly don't know how my parents met them, but I'm so thankful God, in His sovereignty, saw fit to bring our two families together. I came to know the Lord because of this family sharing with my parents and then my parents taking us to church. I was 9 years old when I asked Jesus into my heart--and it was on Tom's daughter's birthday...July 6th.

As I've experienced friendships over the years, I realize that people enter your life, stay for the God allotted time, then leave, or stay (according to God's perfect plan). Even though I had lost touch with this family, they've remained dear to my heart. I'm eternally grateful for their friendship and influence on my parents and our family. I suppose we don't know what God is going to do with our efforts to love others like He does, except that whatever it is, it will be to His glory.

So, "R" Family--thanks for sharing Christ with us so many years ago. {I look forward to the day when either God calls me home or He returns and I get to hug the man God used to bring me to Himself.}

May I be faithful to love Christ and share Him with others He brings into my path.


  1. Heather, believe it or not, you're one of those people for me! I remember the week of camp when I first met you and several other older, cooler teens (I think I was the baby that week!) and was struck by two things - you all loved the Lord AND (and this was the thing I wasn't expecting) you were so much fun! I thought being serious about my faith meant I wouldn't get to have any fun - how crazy is that?? Plus, if I'd never met you and Shawn, I probably never would have thought about CU and on and on... so THANKS! I appreciate you and I'm glad that we can stay connected through the wonder of the internet!

  2. Amy!! Thank you. What an encouragement. Thank you for sharing that. I didn't realize...

    It's amazing to see God's plan in retrospect and of course, that helps us look forward in faith that He will continue His good work in our lives.

    I'm glad that we can stay connected too! We don't live that far from each other, we really should try to arrange a play day at the park or something.
    Again, thanks for sharing!