Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Celebrating Advent

I've been wanting to share what we are doing for the Advent Season. I really like Advent because it takes you through the Bible and shows you how God wove His Story! Amazing!
We are using Adorenaments from Family Life Today. We love this set and I'm sad that it is out of print. Each ornament highlights a name of Jesus and the CD has a song particularly about that attribute.

We are also doing Ann Voskamp's A Jesus Advent Celebration. At the end of November, I printed all the ornaments, backed them with card stock paper and threaded a ribbon through the top. Each day, at lunchtime, I read to the kids and they take turns putting the ornament on the tree. It has been very good. (And it was free when I signed up!)

The last thing we are doing is reading the book called, Looking Forward to the Nativity: a family Christmas devotional by Jon Farrar. It's a great little way to end the day and much of it overlaps nicely with Voskamp's ebook.

With the lights on the tree and our focus on Him daily, we are joyfully anticipating His birthday!

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