Monday, September 24, 2007

Blue Jean Study

Marissa is doing a speech on blue jeans. She is in a speech class for homeschoolers; it is taught by a well qualified student at the local Christian university. Honestly folks, she wasn't cracked up about taking this class. In fact, I signed her up and waited to tell her a couple days before the class started. (I heard that collective gasp!) She dramatically fainted (similar to the drama of Anne of Greene Gables). However, she is doing fine in the class and even admitted she is enjoying it a wee bit. She is not looking forward to giving her speech in front of the class this Thursday though. Persevere, young one, persevere.

Her topic is blue jeans and her outline looks roughly like this:
A. History of Blue Jeans
B. Styles through the years
C. Care of Blue Jeans

This website gives some history about Levi Strauss.

This website gives a detailed time line of the denims.

Amazon offers this book called The Blue Jeans Book: The Story Behind the Seams. We found it at our local library.

So, if you want learn a little about the jeans you are wearing and pray for Marissa on Thursday.

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