Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Oh Blog, my Blog

How do I miss thee?

Actually I really do miss blogging. I miss the creativity it spurned in my little fluffy brain. I've got lots to tell tonight I went to the Olive Garden with some friends and had a marvelous time! It's been ages since I went out and had fun. :) I do get out of the house, but mainly when I have something to do. Not just because. And that was needed and very fun. After Olive Garden we went to Panera and played cards. Really, we did. The Olive Garden apparently had hundreds of people waiting for a seat (okay, I saw 5 people, but whatever). So, we went across the street and played cards at Panera. Salad at the Garden and a bagel at Panera. How could I resist?

Now, with garlic breath, I have to tell you that my bank card was used dare they? Cruel, dark world. Thankfully the bank caught it right away, and I mean right away. They were on the horn to me bright and early Sunday morning while my hair was still dripping wet from the shower. Card is shut down with another being issued soon. kind of a hassle, but all things considered, I'm thankful.

The Lord is bringing some fun opportunities my way. A neat opportunity to help a good friend with curriculum choices for her kids. She is going to homeschool next year and we might do unit studies sort of together. We live in different states, but our kids are around the same ages/grades. So I'm thinking that what I plan for my girls may work for her kids. I love this kind of stuff and could devote thousands of hours working on it. But when would I blog? or sleep for that matter?

Also, some babysitting opportunities have popped up. I am planning on doing some for the summer, but will really have to evaluate for the school year. It's difficult to homeschool with my own little toddler, but adding others to the mix...hmm...i'm not sure about that.

Well, I've got to work out for like a long time tomorrow from all the stuff I ate today. I'd better get to bed. You all take care now. And come back real soon. And lastly, thanks for all the sweet comments on my last post. :)

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear that your bank card was used fraudulently! How scary. At least the bank caught it...

    Babysitting can be so much fun and it really can help you make ends meet, but it WILL make homeschooling more challenging. I would suggest praying and talking to your family before you make any long-term decisions there.