Friday, July 11, 2008

Homeschool Area Makeover

The long awaited unveiling of the Homeschool Area Makeover! Here is the before picture.

Hard to believe I'm willing to put that out there to the world. Our computer desk was ready to break and fall into a heap and we just needed some serious organization. As much as I've tried in the past, I still didn't have a good system. Bethany had constant and excessive paper on her desk. She couldn't ever use the desk part. And that's with me doing a "sort and pitch" about once a week.

Saturday morning after the girls and I returned from our trip, I was looking through mail. I came across the Lowe's Creative Ideas magazine. Rarely do I find a project that jumps out at me, however this one did! I quickly pitched the idea to my hunny who graciously said, "Okay, sure." Then I said, "How about today?"
"Yes, today! And can we be done by the time our company arrives?"
"Yes, Monday."
Off to Lowe's we went. We changed the design a little to fit our needs and this is the end result. I love the towers of organization. I also like the fact that two or maybe three of us can sit at the table at the same time. I love the blue little bucket from Walmart ($1.98). It's the only one they had or else I would have bought more. I'm using it to store my pens, pencils, rulers, etc.

I'm getting all giddy just sharing the transformation with you!

Bethany's desk is under the table and it is serving as an extra support for the long board. She still has access to the drawers and uses the board as a table top. We still have some things that I'm not sure what to do with, but at least it's mostly contained.

I'm really thankful for my hunny, who helped me complete this project in two days. He certainly supports our family so well in so many ways.

Note: please visit and click on the recent magazine (Jul/Aug.08). It's a pdf and I didn't have time to wait for it to load. There are some other neat projects in there. At some point, we must have signed up for a paper copy because we get ours in the mail.


  1. Looks great! What a transformation and what a great husband :) You'll really enjoy that space this school year!

  2. Wow! That looks like a mighty handy workspace you've created there.

  3. That looks awesome! i love organizing things and when projects turn out! WHOOT!

    And i hope your muscle continues to heal!

    Love ya tons