Friday, July 11, 2008

House guests

We had some very good friends visit TWO times--once on their way through to another state, then again on their way back home to their state. What a treat for us! We've known these friends for 11 years or so and it was hard to watch them move back to their 'home' state 8 years ago. God has done a marvelous work in each of our families individually and together as friends. We are still very close and so are our children.

One day this week we had a total of 11 kids in the house and 5 adults (plus one dog, one rabbit and 2 guinea pigs). Amazing! Everyone got along beautifully even with me not able to get around. I had to let go of my want to be hospitable and settle for directing from the couch. No one else seem to mind--especially since there were so many people I was able to delegate without putting too much on any one person. Although, the husband is a wonderful cook and I did rely on him to make dinner. That was a real treat. The wife was a servant as well--getting drinks, napkins, cleaning the kitchen and a myriad of other duties. We also tried to get in some talking time (of course!:)

We miss them already, but enjoy keeping in contact through phone calls and emails. Hug yourselves R Family...we love you guys!


  1. I'm sorry that you miss them but we up here in Michigan are REALLY happy to have them back. :-) Thanks for sharing them through the years. LOL

    Have a great weekend Heather! I hope you're all healed up soon.

  2. That was such a nice post. Thank you my kindred friend! It felt like we had never left!

    Give the kids a hug from us!

  3. Hey Deb, usually I'm good at sharing, however, I have to admit, I've reached my limit. Now it's your turn to share them with us. Or better yet, why don't the whole passel of you move down this way. We have SO much fun together!

    K, it was my joy to write it. Hugs to you all too!