Friday, August 8, 2008

Studying the Olympics

I have found some great lapbook and notebooking links for the Olympics. I have also found other links for the Olympics and thought I would share them here.

Marissa loves the Olympics and is so looking forward to watching them.

Homeschoolshare has a terrific lapbook on the Olympics.
You can find notebooking pages here.
Jelley Jar has several good resources for teaching the Olympics.
Debbie's Digest has a great post on Olympic sites and resources. Be sure to scroll down to view all she has linked to.
A Joyful Keeper has created simple notebooking pages and is offering them for free.

I'm considering having Marissa plan Family Olympics. Several of the sites that I looked at had ideas for that. Have you ever done that? Give me ideas and pointers if you have!


  1. Hi there! Thanks for linking to my site :)
    Two Olympics ago (LOL) we did a family Olympics. It was lots of fun. The children were smaller and we did things like, the egg and spoon race, running, bike riding, etc. It was just a fun way of making them understand a little about the olypmics.
    Now the kids are older and they are planning their own olympics - with their soft toys I think...! They are organizing all sorts of events for their toys to do... ah homeschooling keeps them young at heart!

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  3. Hey Wammer,

    Had to delete your comment (although it was hilarious) because it contained the city where I live. I try not to divulge any of that kind of information.

    :D hope you understand and really comment again.