Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lighting the Fire of Learning

That's what we are aiming to do, right? We want to ignite the passion of lifetime learning in ourselves and our children.

A friend called me just a bit ago with a great example of this very concept! Her children are also studying presidential elections. She has a son, almost 13; daughters, 11, 8 and 6. Her older two kids decided they wanted to build an election booth (out of a big cardboard box), set up a mock election and everything! She said the kids are so excited...they are getting ahead of themselves in the unit study...asking what are political parties, party platforms, etc. They are going to have two stuffed animals "run" for president. They are going to come up with what each animal stands for and make speeches.

Take pictures, I reminded her. This is learning at it's best!! I'm giddy with excitement.

My Bethany asked me yesterday if we could do something similar, however today she got more ideas listening to me tell about our friends' election fun.

Visit this site for a free sample of paper doll figures of Obama and McCain (scroll down about halfway). You can also sign up for free weekly Dover Samples.

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  1. We have been getting the Dover Sampler for a couple of years now. My children get such a kick out of some of the things that come in it each week.