Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pictures from the Sprayground Park

The last two days we have spent the afternoon at a sprayground park. The kids have had a wonderful time. It has been so fun to watch them. Right beside the sprayground park is a playground and the kids can go between the two of them. Little guy enjoyed doing just that...he'd play in the water for a while, then go run and play on the equipment for a while. Bethany spent most of her time in the water, although she had her fair share of running back and forth.

The kids were tuckered out, as was their mom, after each day. Tomorrow we'll be home, catching up on chores and school.

School is going well. Both girls are studying presidential elections and The Young Peacemaker. We've added other subjects too and next week, we should be full speed ahead. :)


  1. Your children are just precious! They certainly look as though they were having a wonderful time, too.

  2. Too cute! Looks like they had a blast! Ah, hard to believe it's the end of summer! Hope your start to the school year goes great!