Monday, December 15, 2008

Highlights of the Game

We had a great time at the game yesterday! The weather was great and the 2 mile hike to the stadium wasn't too bad. We had good seats although there were some seriously rowdy guys in our section. Marissa and I agreed that our favorite part was the first step into the stadium--the enormity of it all! It was great.

My team...well, didn't win. Guess you knew that though. My hunny had the audacity to cheer for the Other team. I suppose I can't blame him; Cincinnati is his hometown, me--I'm just the wife. Just kidding, we really did have a great time together.

[When I get the pictures downloaded I'll update this post. Pictures added December 23rd.]

In other news: we will be putting our Christmas tree up tonight. Yes, I know it's December 15th and I really like to have it up by the first weekend in December. It just didn't happen this year, and that's okay. It will be going up tonight and we are all looking forward to the fun that goes along with that.

Bethany started her nativity lapbook today and it is coming along nicely. We are using bits and pieces from here and there. Below are some of the links we've used:
Coloring pages for kids
Nativity Lapbook by Angela Frampton
Christian Preschool Printables--a great resource for mini books, coloring sheets and more!

Well, I'd better start making dinner. Anyone else in a dinner slump? Ideas?

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  1. I'm glad you had such a wonderful time. Thanks for the great links!

    I hope you and your family have the most wonderful Christmas and a tremendously blessed New Year.