Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Owl Study

Bethany, Trenton and I have been studying owls. Really fascinating study--we are all learning a bundle. Even if you are not studying owls you will love this live webcam of a barn owl. Molly, the barn owl, sits on those eggs faithfully. The first egg should be hatching ANY minute. So exciting!

Below are more crafts and links I've found to accompany our owl study. I'll post pictures of things we are making soon (read: next week).

Owl Pillow Craft
Owl coloring pages and a preschool printing sheet
Felt Owl Finger puppet
The Crafty Classroom has several owl crafts and art ideas.

Here's where I got our Owl Lapbook. It is very well done.
Another mom studies owls with her son. She has a great list of resources.

We are going to dissect owl pellets and I'll probably get the pellet from Amazon. I need to order that soon. We are also going to take a nature hike as well as check out the local nature reserve.

I'd love to stay and chat longer, but I must get back to Molly and see if those eggs hatched.

P.S. Sorry for the gap in between posts. I enjoy writing and have missed blogging. I think I go in spurts like this. Thanks for stopping by and please be sure to visit again.

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  1. What wonderful ideas! Here's a link to a site that has a tutorial for an owl pennant, too.