Friday, April 23, 2010

Time away + Eating off the Floor

Two weeks ago, my oldest daughter and I went to the Midwest Homeschool Convention. We traveled with a friend and her daughter. We had a good time and God used it to teach each of us more about Himself and depending on Him.

The classes I went to focused much on reaching the hearts of our children, inspiring learning and persevering through the journey of life for the glory of God. I'd love to sit down with my notes and blog about the details. I will work on doing that in the next month or so. (Just a side note: we laughed until it hurt at the Tim Hawkins concert.)

My girl took these three pictures while we were at the convention. We walked to a little restaurant and had lunch in this park. So relaxing and refreshing.

From relaxing and refreshing, we now return to 'regular life' where I'd put off washing the kitchen floor for...ummm...a LONG time. My thinking traveled the gamut, everything from "It's winter time and the kids and dog will be tracking in all kinds of inclement elements." Then I thought, "Always such a big job, let me just wait until after the spring rains." Finally I could take no more. The floor was downright dirty.

Yesterday was the day...I got down on my hands and knees (is there any other way?) and scrubbed that floor until well, we could have eaten off it! =)

Now that it is clean again, I love it. And it makes me want to wash it again just to try to keep it clean.

From here it's an easy jump to the analogy of my life and walk with God. If I neglect my daily walk with Him, 'junk' (sin) builds up quickly. Spending time on my knees, scrubbing out the dirt and allowing His righteousness to wash over me, leaves me refreshed and wanting to get on my knees tomorrow. This verse has been close to my heart this week:
You keep him in perfect peace
whose mind is stayed on you,
because he trusts in you.
Trust in the LORD forever,
for the LORD GOD is an everlasting rock.
Isaiah 26:3-4
Jesus, draw me nearer. Nearer Lord to thee!

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  1. Great entry and beautiful pictures. Aren't clean floors just the greatest! I love my Shark Steam Mop for that very reason. Love the sizzle sound it makes as it cleans. :o) And, loved your illustration, very powerful! Blessings to you!

  2. Your time at the Home School Conference sounds wonderful! Isn't great when we get that down time to spend with one of our children?
    Love the verse you've shared. It is so important to keep close the to the Lord daily. Thanks for the reminder!