Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday and Links I like

We spent a quiet Memorial Day here at home. My hunny worked, but came home a little early and the kids played outside in the small pool. I worked on decluttering the school room--my goodness what a mess! I've been stacking stacks all over the place lately and it shows (obviously.) But now I'm in the "everything must go" mood. I've got so many books that I'm going to try to sell at our local homeschool used curriculum sale. I'm selling them cheap--and praying that they sell. :)

I wanted to share a couple links that I've recently come across:
Organized Junkie has a great list of links for free printables.
One of her recommended links I want to highlight because I really like it! It's Sarah's Sweeties Godly Character Trait pages. (By the way, her boys look like such cuties!)
And I recently re-discovered The HomeschoolMom website. All sorts of helpful information and goodies.

Okay well, I must clean that school room.

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