Wednesday, August 25, 2010

History, Art, Music, Oh MY!

I'm a little scatter-brained these days! (Those who know me might wonder if it's a more often than just 'these days!') Regardless, I've been working on getting school things printed, organized, labeled and ready for the year. In the process, I've come across some really neat websites and just had to stop the printer long enough (for my hunny to go get me more ink) AND to share the links with you!

My oldest daughter is going into 9th grade (how did that happen?? She was just a wee tot in my arms?) Yes, it does happen. This year she is working her way through Abeka's World History book. She started the book somewhere along the way last year after she began struggling through Mystery of History. (Not sure exactly why she was struggling, but she was; so it was time to try something else.) I started her in the book about where she left off in MoH. This year she is starting at the French Revolution. Basically she just works her way through the book, reading, taking notes, completing the chapter reviews, and taking the quizzes and tests. BUT, you know me, I can't just leave it like that....I have to throw in a couple lapbook pieces, notebooking pages and even a power point presentation that she is going to design herself.

Check out what I found for the French Revolution:
A squidoo lens on the French Revolution! And if you scroll down you will come to Joyful Songs's own lapbook pieces for it. Fabulous. (If I knew French, I'd say "fabulous" in French.)

Now on to England and America to a notebooking page on George Whitefield. Well, I couldn't find one already made for me, but here are some images of him. I printed one out and then my girl will make her own notebooking page, because she is handy like that (or maybe it's because I'll tell her to!:)

How about some great pages on Thomas Edison: has a slew of Free Inventor Notebooking Pages! {swoon} In that happy list, you will indeed find Thomas Edison. has a Thomas Edison coloring page. You are probably thinking--a coloring page for a high school student?? No, I printed these out for the younger two and the two extra kids that will be working on preschool work. I tried to tie in learning about the same things whenever I could. I'm hoping that will be easier on this scatter-brained momma!
More Thomas Edison coloring sheets from

And now a famous ship: The Titanic
My SmokyMountain Homeschool has a whole post on The Titanic with all kinds of great links. I didn't have to look any further. Since I'm not building an entire unit on The Titanic, I found what I wanted and I'm moving down the history timeline!

Winston Churchill
Activity Village--huge section of famous people notebooking pages! They are arranged alphabetically and it couldn't be easier to find what you want (unless they don't have the person you are looking for.) I did find Winston Churchill on this site, yep, it's printed and nearly hole-punched. I also spent some non-Churchill time looking around this site. Neat stuff.

And here are some other sites that I printed some goodies from:
Cindy Downes, from Oklahoma Homeschool has a long list of homeschool forms--all kinds. free artist, picture study, and composer notebooking pages.
I just found this blog today: Harmony Art Mom. I'm definitely going to bookmark her blog. I already found a post on Claude Debussy--our composer for September. And Leonardo daVinci who is our artist for September

Well, I'm super excited about getting so much accomplished today. Now, if my dishes would wash themselves and dinner would make itself!


  1. Thanks for all the links. We are starting a study about the Titanic next week and all those links will really come in handy.

  2. Thanks Diane for leaving a comment and for visiting my blog! Enjoy your Titanic study.