Thursday, May 12, 2011

Life Imposed Blog Break

Well, March, April and half of May have flown by....I didn't mean to stop blogging; it just happened that way. Something had to give and it was the thing that can't talk. :D

So, I'm here to start journaling the happenings of Heather again. For starters, we are plugging away at school. We are working hard at doing what we are supposed to do everyday. (Why are the "dailies" of life so difficult to keep up?) Tonight is our homeschool group's annual 'fair'. Participants can display science, history or art projects and performers can play piano or other instruments, recite a poem, sing a song, etc. It's a fun evening, but extremely busy. My now 9 year old Bethany is doing "Panda Bears" and my now 15 year old Marissa is displaying her photography. {Yes, you read right--both girls have had birthdays since my blogging break!} We are busy wrapping up final details on these projects today.

My biggest news is that I went to India for 2 weeks in March! God taught me more about Him and showed me more of His was amazing. My plan is to share pictures and bits of my journal and lots of pictures in the next couple months. Really amazing and wonderful and I'm so grateful to have been able to go.

Babies beginning to crawl and walk sure change a gal's life....I babysit 4 extra kids and two of them are babies. One just turned 1 in March and the other is 8 months old. The 1 yo is starting to walk. She is EVERYWHERE! The 8 mo is doing the army crawl and gets most anywhere she wants to! Talk about busy! Thankfully I have my girls to help, but it sure is a busy time for us. The other two are 4 and 5 year olds. I do preschool with them along with Kindergarten for Trenton. Here are some sites I like for printables and ideas:
Homeschool Creations--You know I love me some Yolanthe!!
Confessions of a Homeschooler--another favorite of mine
Mama Jenn and her other site Education Cubes
I know there are other sites I like. I'll have to jot them down as I come across them.

Here are some sites I've been reading for my own growth and encouragement:
Home Sanctuary 
A Holy Experience
Again, I know there are a few more and some I read sporadically.

Thanks for sticking with me and hopefully in the upcoming weeks I'll be back to regular blogging.


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  1. I had to take a life imposed Facebook break! LOL Technology. Meh! LOL