Wednesday, November 30, 2011

30 Days of Thanksliving {part 2}

I'm so glad I am taking the time to repost my 30 Days of Thanksliving. (If you haven't read part 1, click here to read it.) You and I both know that 30 Days of Thanksliving will slide fairly effortlessly into a LIFE of Thanksliving. Did I say effortlessly? I meant to say "will slide into a life of Thanksliving if I continue to be intentional and thoughtful."
Day 8 of a month of thanksgiving: I'm thankful for God's grace and the freedoms He gives us. Freedoms I do not ever want to take for granted. My prayer is that a month of thanksgiving will turn into a thanks~living.
Day 9 of a life of thanks-living: I'm thankful for God's provisions for us.
Day 10 of thanks-living: I'm thankful for the freedoms we have to worship God and educate our children. I'm thankful for Christian radio.
Day 11: Thankful for the service men and women who serve our country here and abroad and their families who are making huge sacrifices too.
Day 12: Thankful for the different "jobs" God has given me. Marissa and I had a good time cleaning and shopping in the afternoon. I love being a wife and mom!
Day 13: Thanksliving--thankful for a Sunday afternoon date with my hunny.
Day 14: Thanksliving--thankful for shopping with my kids for gifts for others. It was a good reminder especially to the younger one that love puts others before ourselves.
For easy reference:  Part 1

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