Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The January winds blow...

And I resurface...

We had a wonderful Christmas together.

School has been back in full swing for a few weeks now. I readjusted some things in our daily routine. My nine year old, Bethany is now doing Bob Jones Reading. Mostly, I am a unit study, pull together my own thing, kind of girl. However, I needed to have something all planned out for me to ensure she's getting everything she needs. It's working well so far, and I was able to borrow everything except the consumable from a friend of mine. I've also gone back to daily check-off sheets and hopefully our workboxes will be resurrected for Trenton and "Muffin" (the little 4 year old I babysit).

Edited to add: Okay, so now it's February 1st and this little post has been in my drafts waiting to be finished. ack! Posting now and writing a new one for today. :)

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