Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday Wrapping

I absolutely love wrapping gifts. It may be a sickness; I'm not quite sure. My oldest daughter noted that there aren't many folks in my camp of loving to wrap gifts. It's such a beautiful precise thing, measuring, cutting, folding, taping...ahhh...just talking about it makes me all giddy.

To go along with the love of wrapping is my love for printable gift tags and box top embellishments. Some wonderfully creative bloggers are giving away printables for gift tags. Go visit Creature Comforts for a LONG list of free printables.
The Handmade Home has some here.
And Fresh Picked Whimsy has a cute set here.

This year I printed tags from the last two resources listed above, mainly because I just found Creature Comforts list today.

I hole punched the tags and used all kinds of fun, different sized ribbons to tie up my packages.
Hope you enjoyed this holiday wrap-up of my wrapping! :)


  1. me? I'm not a wrapper, too much tape, not even folds, and the only ribbons I use are the kind you buy with the little sticky square in the back, but I heart a package wrapped the way you must wrap yours, maybe half of the "happy" of a gift comes in the wrapping. And I read a little further – and I'm not going to be baking any giant cookies – but I might just try those ranch crackers – I'm not a foodie – I don't cook much – but I might try. Thank you Heather, and God bless and keep you, and your husband, and your babies.

  2. I wish I had this sickness! When it comes to finally wrapping, I don't care anymore! Oh dear. ha.