Saturday, March 3, 2007


MaryJane says that farmgirl is a condition of the heart; so that no matter whether you live on a farm or in the city or somewhere in between~~you can still be a farmgirl! Well, I'm one of those that lives "in between" and I get together with a few other farmgirls for a monthly "gathering". This is our first year gathering together in this way and we have mostly done handwork (most of us learned how for the first time! :) We have plans to learn other things together, such as flower and vegetable gardening, candle and soap making, canning, etc. As you can imagine, our time goes much too quickly, but our hearts and hands always leave encouraged.

Meeting like this puts me in mind of "the older women teaching the younger women" in Titus 2, although we are certainly each learning from each other, but you get the idea. And there is one older farmgirl (just in age though, she can pretty much run circles around me), that knows a great deal about so many things. Patiently, she teaches us. I'm thankful for her...she's even been teaching my oldest daughter to sew.

I continue to pray for opportunities for me to learn from other women and for me to teach others, as well.

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