Tuesday, July 10, 2007

And the winner is....

Congratulations to Birdie and Jenibean for being the grand winners in this 100th POST party giveaway!! I told you that I was going to make Birdie the WINNER because she was the first to post a comment (first by a couple days), then only after I begged, did some more of you join the fun. Jenibean was chosen by a random drawing of all the names put into a hat. Marissa did the drawing. So, ladies, email me your addresses and I'll be getting those out to you soon.

Thank you for those who commented; it is fun to see who is out there. And Kristine, I nearly fell off my chair when I saw the comment from you. Marissa said you deserve a dishcloth just for commenting the first time ever! :) Sorry, you'll have to wait for Christmas or your birthday.

My Tuesday Tackles are
  • trying to get packed for our trip across a couple states
    • the girls each get a small suitcase and a bookbag for their goodies.
    • Baby boy will share a suitcase with me, then his diaper bag, my book and project bag
    • Toiletries bag
  • finishing laundry so I can get packed for trip and so hunny has everything he needs (he will be joining us on the weekend and drive back with us)
  • my other tackles (cleaning the air filter cover, cleaning baby boy's fan, etc.) will have to wait until after visiting family due to the downpouring rain. I am thankful for the rain!!
Visit www.5minutesformom.com for more tackling ideas. Still no pictures, still no working camera, sniff, sniff.


  1. There is NO such thing as a small trip across a couple of states when you have children! That said, I'm laughing to see that you travel just like we do. We also have to have book and project bags for just about everyone! ;)

  2. Just sent you that email!


  3. good luck on ur tackles and have a safe trip! my tackle is done!

  4. Have a wonderful trip and congrats on your blog milestone. I have a travel checklist on my site if you want.

    Organising Queen blog and
    Take Charge blog

  5. Have a great trip! Good luck with your tackles. I'm still working on my last meal.

  6. I think I fell off my chair when I responded to your post! I will try to be better. Life is sooooooo busy and crazy. I am glad you are getting away for a while. Have a great relaxing time.

    I have no tackles.....I desperately need some motivation.

    Early August for the girls to hook-up?

  7. Oh man, I missed out, I was on vacation! Looks like it was fun anyhow! Hope all is going well!

  8. Hi Heather. I'm new hear. You left a lovely comment on my blog last week in regards to my Mum's chemotherapy. I just wanted to say thank you so much for your kind words and prayers. I really appreciate it!

    I hope you have a fantastic trip. Happy and safe travels.
    :o) Erin S.