Monday, July 16, 2007

Some pictures of the trip

Bethany and Trenton playing in the wheelbarrow
We have had a great time with my family. Saturday and Sunday went so fast. Saturday I made a bunch of freezer meals for my grandparents and aunt. And that evening we had a big picnic with lots of family members. It was so fun.

Sunday we drove to Washington D.C. to see my brother-in-law. He is a DC police officer and he recently won "Officer of the year"! Way to go, Mark! The afternoon we spent with my best friend and her family. We've been friends since I was in 1st grade. :) Her and her husband have two girls, ages 7 and 4.

Trenton in Uncle Tim's hat!
We are leaving today, not early by any means. It is going to take some creative packing to load up the van. :)

Before I share pictures with other family members, I am going to ask permission to post them on here. However, here are some with Peyton (his mommy gave the 'okay').

Pictures of Baby Peyton
Isn't this the sweetest face?!! Kissable cheeks for sure!!

Baby Boy (who isn't such a baby anymore!) resting in his car seat. A common sight during our travels, he slept a lot--what a blessing! My next post will be from home (and without high speed internet). We will Lord willing be home this evening, safe and sound.


  1. Aw! Sweet Baby! You're kids are so cute like that too! Growing up though! Hope you are having a good week!