Monday, July 23, 2007

My Baby Boy is 2!

I blinked my eyes and my baby boy grew up! At our church, when babies turn two they move out of the nursery. Do you understand what this means...our baby boy is no longer in the nursery. Okay, I can see that you understand, but do you really understand?

Our baby boy is no longer in the nursery.

Today is his 2nd birthday. He squealed with delight when I sang Happy Birthday to him this morning. Bethany has been working with him all day, trying to get his two fingers up to tell how old he is. I've been squeezing him and kissing him every opportunity I get. It's just going too fast.

I'm so thankful to have him in our family. As each one of our children do, he adds an huge element of fun, laughter and love to our home and to those around us. He is a friendly little guy and has "fans" wherever he goes.


  1. Aw, say happy birthday to him for me! I can't believe mine is 21 months next week. I agree. It goes WAY too fast!

  2. Happy birthday to your little guy!

  3. Wait a just had a birthday too! Wasn't it July 19? Happy Birthday to you and Trenton! By the way, Ben LOVED his b-day card! We have the card out and play the star wars theme often! :)

    Hugs to your little Trenton.