Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lapbook Workshop

I had the very fun privilege of presenting a lapbook workshop at CHEO yesterday. At this workshop, the first 30 families in the door received a packet and together we built a lapbook. I ended up with over 50 people at the workshop (the overflow received a handout with hints, websites, etc.) A friend and I worked together to show the folks how to put together a lapbook on lapbooking. :)

I thought I'd post the list of websites that I included on the handout for your purusal. It's quite a long list, however there are lots more sites I could have listed. pre-packaged lapbooks for purchase products for sale as well as freebies, also video demonstration of different folds making lapbooks out of poster board instead of file folders 25 page resource with websites, diagrams and photos lots of shape books with or without lines lots of graphic organizers that can be added to your lapbooks lots of links to other lapbook sites free unit studies, lapbooks, etc. free unit studies, lapbooks, lots of free downloadable templates lapbooks and unit studies for purchase, as well as freebies explanations, photos and links Lapbooking 101 step by step instructions, videos, photos, great for beginners photos, lists of resources for different studies, notebooking pages great free file folder games pictures of lapbooks in archived posts free Carson Dellosa clip art free downloadable fonts

Mini Office Resources: scroll down for resources for older children explanation of lapbooks, list of supplies, links to other sites photos and clear instructions for a math mini office

The workshop went well and I had a great time. I was so nervous before it began, however once I started talking my butterflies went away. The audience was welcoming and kind. They had lots of good questions during and had lots of encouraging things to say at the end. My prayer was that they would leave feeling like they could use lapbooking as another tool in their homeschool, and God answered that in abundance. Praise Him!

Another conference highlight was meeting Steve Demme of Math-U-See. He is a kind, friendly, funny guy. His smile is the best! He loves what he does and it shows. He had words of praise for the kids and I as I shared with him our Math-U-See journey. What a neat man!

My hunny and I enjoyed being together for the day and our kids had a wonderful time with good friends of ours. Thank You God for a great day!

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