Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Summer Fun Ideas

Treehouse my hunny is building in the backyard.
This weekend it will be getting side rails and a slide! :)

The theme for Works for Me Wednesday is "Mom, I'm Bored"--and how to avoid hearing these three words in your house. My dad used to say, "Boredom comes from within" and while as a kid I didn't like to hear that, the saying stuck with me. And, it is true. The Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines boredom as : the state of being weary and restless through lack of interest. Interestingly enough, my kids rarely say they are bored. I don't say that from atop a high place, be assured. I think it may be because we homeschool and they are used to being home. When they have free time from school work, they play, read, listen to music etc. I realized one day when my 7 year old declared she was bored, it was because I hadn't had the family on any kind of schedule or routine.

So, how do we direct our children so that they do not become weary and restless through lack of interest? The biggest way is to develop a daily routine that includes chores, learning and play and then STICK TO IT! (That last part was for me...I'm so tend to make great plans and fall short on the follow-through.)

Each family member has chores according to his/her ages and abilities. Each day of the week has a bigger chore that we only do once or twice a week (examples: dusting, deep cleaning each room). Be consistent with your daily and weekly chores and the house will stay in good order.

Some ideas for summer learning are library reading programs, reading biographies, comparing a book to its movie counterpart and visiting museums. Library reading programs are great because they are free and the children are working toward their own personal best--not competing against others. Reading biographies as family read-alouds or silent reading are a good way for our children to see life in action. Dave and Neta Jackson have written several volumes of short biographies. Choose a book to read that has been made into a movie, for example Because of Winn Dixie. Read the book aloud, then watch the movie. Discuss with your kids the differences between the two. Visiting museums can open doors to further learning and great discussion. Find local museums and go!

Of course there are loads of ideas of things to do for fun--bigger, more expensive ideas may have their place during your summer, however for the most part, your children will be playing at home or at the neighborhood park. Summer is a good time to do art projects like painting or playdough because they can be done outside on a picnic table or vinyl tablecloth spread on the ground. Don't forget the impromtu picnics and water balloon fights. :)

Make your daily routine doable and flexible. A few closing thoughts: nip bad attitudes in the bud, pray with your kids for a good summer, and realize that you are NOT the entertainment committee. Give them perameters and let them use their imagination and creativity. Most of all, have fun with your kids. One more tip, is actually from last week's WFMW, host Kristen wisely said to leave while your kids are still having fun. I have thought of this advice several times this week. Even when we are at home playing for free time...I need to switch gears BEFORE bedlam breaks out. So remember that little gem and have a great summer.

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  1. I love the "boredom comes from withing" comment. That is soooo true-good post~

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