Sunday, October 11, 2009

Preschool Activities

Today I need to be busy finding and planning activities for my active 4 year old son. His two big sisters are 2nd grade and 8th grade, so he needs to have activities that he can do 'solo' while I am working with them on school. Sometimes he is able to be included in the schooling, especially with my 2nd grader. However, he really needs something of his own.

So, here are my finds so far and I'm busy printing and cutting--hoping to be ready for the upcoming school week. {The past few weeks have brought frustration and hair-tearing from the momma. I cannot and do not want to repeat these times. And we all know "If you keep doing what you've been doing, you are going to keep getting what you've been getting."} Here's to doing something different and praying for different results!

Walking by the Way--Preschool Activity Bag
Shirley's Preschool Activities has lots of preschool worksheets and activities has a listing of preschool activities and printables from different sites

This next link has nothing to do with preschool activities, however I wanted to link to it because I think it's a neat idea!
"I have to say" is one of the blogs I read frequently. Look at this tutorial for reusable snack bags. I really want to make some of these. I think a beginning sewer like me should be able to make them, right??

Hopefully I'll be back to update you on the week. Feel free to share ideas on how you keep your preschooler active without losing your mind.

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