Friday, October 23, 2009

Healthy Sour Cream

It's not a hidden fact that dairy upsets a lot of people's stomachs. Our household is not exempt from the stomach distress. I've been searching and experimenting with different things...for example, for years and years now we only drink rice milk or almond milk. Quite tasty, in fact my younger two children don't like the taste of regular cow's milk.

So what to do about sour cream?? We enjoy a generous dollop on top of baked potatoes or tacos, who doesn't? A couple years ago, I followed a recipe that called for plain yogurt to be drained overnight and then used as sour cream. I'm trying that again for tomorrow night's supper. (okay I just looked at the time and it's "tonight's supper". )

Here are some recipes/instructions I found online for Sour Cream out of Yogurt:
Ehow: How to make sour cream from plain yogurt.
Yogurt, the healthy food substitute.

Drats! I just started to strain my yogurt and wondered why it was falling through the sieve at a rapid's non-fat! From what I read on the above sites, the yogurt must be 1% or higher.

Okay, maybe a quick trip to the grocery will be in order tomorrow morning!
{Just a side note: I want to start making my own yogurt's been YEARS since I did it. We liked it, I just got out of the habit of doing it.}

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