Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Games with my Kids

I was going to write a blog know, just to keep up the momentum. However my oldest girl wants to play a game with me. I've been praying that God would help me be more 'present' with my kids. I don't want to always be distracted and doing other things. So this is an answer to prayer. As well, I'm honored that she enjoys my company and now I must go beat her at Scrabble. hee, hee, hee.

While I'm playing, you may want to peruse another game we played this morning. It is called The Really Amazing Animal Game. Very fun and all of us played...Trenton (age 4) 'wowed' us with all of his right answers!

Playing games with my kids works for me on this snowy afternoon! Be sure to head over the "We are That Family" for more ideas.


  1. When my 27-year-old son (my oldest) comes to visit, all I have to say is "want to play a round of Scrabble?" and the game is on! He's very smart, but I'm a writer, so it's a pretty fair competition. And there's nothing like spending quality time with a 27-year-old boy! So keep up your board-gaming and it will become a much-loved tradition, I'm sure!
    (BTW, I've heard the trick to winning Scrabble is knowing as many 2-letter words as possible. Did you know that "yo" is an acceptable word? Yeah, it's in the Scrabble dictionary. "EM" and "EN", which are printer's terms for how wide a letter is, are also acceptable!

  2. Thanks for the tips Mom2fur! I love it that you and your son enjoy quality time!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh, Scrabble is a HUGE favorite at my house! We are also particularly fond of Made For Trade since all of the children can play it together in spite of the wide age span.

    When we all just want to goof off, Mad Libs are another favorite.