Friday, February 12, 2010

Winter Marches On

I've been enjoying doing school with Trenton (4 1/2 years old) and Bethany (7 1/2). That's not to say that every day goes smoothly, mind you. Here's what I try to follow:

Prepare--work on lesson plans, make sure I have things I need, etc.
the Holy Spirit intercede--I don't want to hold SO tightly to the schedule that I don't allow God to use us in the lives of each other and other people. For example, I may have a full day of school planned, but a friend may call and need a sitter while she goes to the doctor with another sick child. I want to flexible enough--but not so flexible that we get nothing done.
--this is key for me. I use 'google documents' with another friend to keep track of our school plans. This way my friend can access the document and encourage me!
Never give up--the day, or week, or month, may not go as you thought, but keep pressing on.

This week we did some fun things:
A friend on Facebook said she had brought in some snow and her girls were playing with it on the table. I thought it was a great idea! So, my kids (the little ones) put on their hats and gloves and sat at the kitchen table! :) I brought in a small tub of snow and let them go at it. They created snowmen, they chopped, diced, smushed and in all ways manipulated that snow! They also saw first hand what happened when the snow melted--it got more compact and harder to work with. They had so much fun!

The kids also made homemade birthday cards for their daddy (his birthday was yesterday) and homemade valentines for friends.

We also have been playing lots of games, like I mentioned in this post and reading a lot.

I'm off to PLAN for next week! Head over the Homeschool Creations to read more from the Preschool Corner.


  1. Love your PLAN! I also like the idea of bringing in snow. We ended up putting down a blanket for our 18 month old over a spot in the snow that we dug out so that she could comfortably play...bringing it inside makes SOOOO much more sense!

  2. What a great idea of bringing the snow in. I use to love to make snow ice cream with my kids. We just don't get the snow for Selena to experience here.

  3. Thank you for posting your Plan. It has a great balance and purpose. We brought the snow in and put it in the kitchen sink a few weeks ago. The kids loved it. I bet yours did, too.

  4. Thanks for the encouragement...I'm not sure if we will continue, we are going on a yearly basis right now! I'm loving how the girls are growing closer together through homeschooling. Kaelyn continues to "teach" her sister and find joy in seeing her learn!

  5. Thank you so much for the encouragement left on my blog. Sometimes we SAHM don't get that kind of feedback day after day, that is what makes blogging such a blessing! A swapmeet of ideas and affirmations. I LOVED the PLAN idea. I need to write that somewhere in my house.

  6. Thanks to everyone for visiting and commenting. Like MommaMindy said, "A swapmeet of ideas and affirmations." Very fun!