Wednesday, April 4, 2007

And now for the pictures

Here are the pictures of our homeschool room/office.

By the looks of it, you'll see it's a very used room. However, when I am finished with it, it will be clean, organized and even more usable. (I may be speaking with more umph! than I feel in my bones right now, but that's okay. I have all you other brave organizers out there to keep me going.)
Of course, as I said in my last post, the kennel will be leaving with the puppy next week. So you'll have to take that out of the picture then. Other than that, I just started at the left side of the room and worked my way around taking pictures. Okay, I've got my work cut out for me.


  1. Ok, now that I saw that it doesn't make my organizing appear so overwhelming. HAHAHA

    Have fun Heather!! :-)

  2. How wonderful to have that kind of a space for school. We have one, too, in the basement, but we usually have school in the family room upstairs.
    Good luck with your organizing!

  3. I wish you much luck with your project. I LOVE to organize and would totally help you out if we didn't live states apart! Can't wait to see the after pics! Have a great Easter!!!

  4. Looks like a wonderful room! We have a homeschool "room" in our basement...not nearly as nice as yours. Looks like you've got lots of stuff to go through and organize, but just think how great it's going to be when you finish! Hope you'll continue to keep us updated!

  5. You are buried under books like we are! Homeschooling is terrific, but it sure does make you a book addict. :)
    If we could have put 2 rooms into the challenge, my 2nd one would have been our library/homeschooling supplies room.
    Good luck!