Monday, April 23, 2007

Organizing Update

Good Monday Morning!
I'm updating my progress on the homeschool room/office organizational challenge.
My original plan is in blue and the updates are in red.

* Next week after we are done dog sitting (her kennel is in the school room), I plan to start with the piles of unfiled papers, putting them in the file cabinet or school notebooks or trash.
I've filed the papers (still have some to go through). I cleaned the bulletin board where we keep pictures and update letters from missionaries.
* Then I'm moving on to the bookcases and I'm going to go through all the books and make sure that I really want to keep what I have on the shelves currently. I've purged the bookshelves and my Hunny hauled a large tote of books to Goodwill. I've also taken 2 large trashbags of trash/recycle out of here.
* Next, I'll tackle the top of the bookshelves. (I've stacked many a thing up there.) This is where I am today. I've started, but certainly have more to purge.
* Go through toys and throw out and give away whatever I can get away with, the rest will be containerized.
* Computer desk--declutter and organize what's left.
* All around the edges of the room--what is all this stuff?? Some of the junk from around the edges has been cleaned out as I've gone around the room in somewhat of a clockwise pattern.
* The shelves on the wall that contain games, construction paper, etc.
* Assess what's left in the room and figure out where to go from there.

I've also kept up with the laundry, and all the other cleaning. So, only this room and our room are left to be deep cleaned and organized. Saturday I shampooed the carpet in the living room and hallway. It was warm and sunny and a great day to do it. One area that I think has suffered is meals. I haven't been making sure that I have plan for supper. We haven't been going without, but it's been a scramble at the last minute to get something on the table. I've got something set out for tonight and my plan is to jot down the menu for the rest of the week.

We have a birthday girl the end of this week! She is really we all are. We have invited two of her little friends and their families over for dinner and cake. My goal is to be done the homeschool room by this Friday. I realize what a big job this will be, but I work much better under pressure. :)

What I'd like to accomplish today:
  • top of the bookshelves in school room--did not get done
  • finish filing all loose papers--half way done
  • finish laundry (including putting away clothes)--finished
  • make an easy menu plan for the rest of the week--done
  • make a list of things needed for birthday get-together--done
  • have supper on the table by 5--okay, by 5:45, close enough
  • clean kitchen--sweet daughter did this
  • attend bridal drop-in shower at 7--yes!
Okay, better get rolling!

Edited: Tuesday morning
I'm getting used to this list thing. I'm usually good at making them and then not looking at them again (which of course defeats the purpose of a list!)

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