Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Have you even noticed?

I've been gone for over a week, have you noticed? Have you thought to call, email or call the National Guard? For all you know, I really did get lost in the midst of decluttering my homeschool room. Yes, I suppose I am having a pity party! It's probably because I've been SICK! On top of being sick, I have been trying to declutter that room I keep talking about. It's becoming a pain in my neck, oh wait that's part of being sick.

Well, that's all, really. I just wanted to invite you to my pity party, let you know I'm sick and I'm trying to organize a monster of a room.

Pity party over, I'm going to bed.

I've got a lot of interesting, fun things I want to blog about when I'm done being sick. :)


  1. Deep breath. Being sick is the worst and you have to take care of yourself so don't be too hard on yourself.
    With removing the stuff, maybe start smaller and only remove the stuff from the floor for now. Deal with that first before moving to the bookcases. This might make it less overwhelming for you. Remember the more you purge the less you have to find a home for...to me that is just easier.
    You can do this!!!

  2. Don't give up! I know you can do it. And I agree with Laura, pick a smaller area. You'll feel much better once you've decided to tackle it!!

    I hope you feel better!