Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Me and Gym

I realize the title of this post could start tongues to waggin'. However, read on and you'll realize that in this case, 'gym' is a place I willing went to inflict pain on myself. BECAUSE...Yesterday I declared war on my flab.

Yup, too many peanut M&M's, although I've enjoyed them immensly, have created this crisis. This battle of the bulge must be waged. So I trudged off to the gym (the university I attended allows alumni to go for free!) The drive is about 20 minutes, but for free admission, I couldn't come up with any good reasons not to go.

What a humbling experience. A gym full of young university students many of whom don't even know what 'flab' is, I was a little intimidated. However I marched myself over to the bike, got on and started peddling. Within no time, I was sweating and my heart rate was well over 150. I may have seen a drop of sweat on the girls around me...but I'm not sure. It could have been their make-up glistening under the flattering lights of the gym.

I tried to read so I would distract myself; it didn't work. There was too much going on around me, not to mention the sound someone gasping for air. (That someone was me.) 30 minutes later I tried to gracefully step off the bike only to find that my thighs had left the building without me. I staggered to the treadmill and walked, trying to awaken the muscles in my legs that had gone without telling anyone.

More sweating and more walking until I finally felt as though I'd sufficiently punished my body for the first day. Can't wait to go back this evening. I think I saw some nautilus machines that looked like they could induce some pain.

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