Friday, February 8, 2008

The Rag Rug

I finished the rag rug last night. It turned out good for my first one. I think I'd like to make an oval one next. It takes a lot of material, but if you have a good source then you'd be fine.
I'd posted about the rag rug in an earlier post (linked to in the first sentence). You may remember that I used the book Quick Crochet Huge Hooks by Sally Harding. Her completed rug was 36 inches in diameter. I stopped mine when I ran out of material which was at 31 inches. Oh, I also used 1 inch strips of material. All the material is 100% cotton which should make it hold up nicely and wash well.

I'm giving this one away as a wedding gift.

I found instructions for an oval rag rug in a couple different places.
Making Oval Shaped Items and Rag Rugs

DIY Make a Crocheted Rag Rug

And I'm sure there are other places too. These rugs are simple as they only call for the single crochet stitch.

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