Friday, February 8, 2008

One word...okay two

I read an interesting entry from Creative Organizing. She actually linked to someone else who had come up with a word to describe her goal for the up coming year.

I really like the idea of a word to describe my goal(s) for the new year. It's broad and a great reminder for me to focus on the positive, uplifting and good things.

So, I've been thinking and thinking and with the help of my sweet friend Carole, I think I've come up with my word for 2008. To be completely honest I couldn't settle on just ONE word, so mine is two.



Obey came from my conversations with Trenton last week. He was so adamant about me obeying God and Jesus. It left an impression on me. I'm always telling the kids to obey--me, daddy, the Bible and God. But to hear Trenton repeatedly tell me to obey God, obey Jesus was precious and oh, so true.

Joy is a simple word to remind me that my happiness comes from the Lord and not from any other person or my circumstances. Yes, I love my family and they make me 'happy', but the deep abiding joy comes from my Heavenly Father.

I've actually thought of other words that could help to remind me and motivate me as I go throughout my days, but for this year these two words are it. I plan to get either chipboard or thin wooden letters and paint them. I will put these somewhere in the living room as a visual reminder. I will probably scrap a page about them as well. I'm also looking for other ways to incorporate these words into my daily living space.

So, if you choose a word for 2008 (there are still 10 1/2 months to go), let me know and we'll both be encouraged.

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