Monday, June 9, 2008

My Little Drummer Boy

Our little guy shows great musical interest and ability. He was thrilled to watch a friend play the drums and even more thrilled when that friend let him play. We were at our friends' house for their boys' 16 birthday party and in their garage they have a drum set and an electrical guitar. There were also some sort of speakers because I'm sure they could hear us in the next county. :)

Trenton had so much fun. He really gets into it.

Aside from the music, we had a wonderful time. We've been friends with this family for over 10 years. We've watched their boys (they have 3 altogether) grow all aspects. They also homeschool and have been an encouragement to me. Trenton enjoys hanging out with them, in fact our whole family does.

This evening, I'm thanking God for good friendships.


  1. Friendships are so great! LOVE the picture of Trenton. Keep up with the drums little buddy! Will drive your mom crazy in about 10 years or less (my brother is a drummer).
    Hope you're having a good week!

  2. What an adorable little drummer you have!