Friday, June 13, 2008

Nature's Fury

After I posted this serene story about the shade and it's deeper meaning in my life, and my sweet friend, Naomi, left a sweet comment....I can barely bring myself to share the violence that took place there. Yesterday evening, Marissa went outside to find bird head and feathers scattered all around. It was pretty awful. Thankfully, my hunny went out when he got home and cleaned it all up. And, I'm so thankful that the kids stayed inside in the afternoon which is apparently when the crime took place. Marissa said that was God's doing because the kids practically live outside when the weather is good.


  1. Ooo yuck. Leala would have been devistated! Hope something nicer occurs around/under your tree this weekend!

  2. Yuck.
    We have a cat who occasionally brings home all manner of really disgusting (and often disturbing) things to "share" with us. We love him, but we do wish he would do any killing and eating elsewhere. Death and sin are ugly things; nasty reminders of our humanity and the meaning of separation from G-d, but they DO remind us of why we need Him so much...