Friday, September 25, 2009

fun date with my little man

This morning Trenton sweetly asked me if I would leave the girls home with daddy and take just him out...just the two of us. He had big plans of eating supper and bringing home some for the rest of the family. I told him we would ask Daddy, and then I hugged him tightly for asking his momma out on a date! :)

The day lasted longer than we'd anticipated and we had homemade pizza for supper. Trenton, though, didn't forget about our date. He asked Daddy about it, saying that he and I could go out and bring ice cream back for everyone. So, he got ready--put on his cowboy boots with his shorts and we were out the door. He actually ran back in because he forgot to give his sister Bethany a "big hug and kiss". I silently thought about what a sweet charmer he is!

On the way to Walmart, he planned his purchases. Chocolate mint was a necessity because it's Bethany's favorite. He rode on the back of the cart, like any good cowboy and jumped off whenever I slowed the cart down to a medium roll.

We swung by the bikes, at his request and he found something that he really needed. I had to pull out the "When you are on a date with Mommy, you don't argue with her!" card. {see photo below} In the end, the helmet stayed along with the sword, big toy chain saw and half a dozen other items he saw as I sped out of there!

Finally, we made it over to the ice cream, picked out our treasures and high tailed it home. We had fun conversation in the van, especially when I saw him drumming with his licorice. :) On the way into the house, as he was holding the door, he asked me what it meant to be a gentleman. You are doing it son. Thanks for a fun date and you had me home by 8:30, delightful.

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