Thursday, September 24, 2009

Handwriting Practice

My Marissa has thoroughly enjoyed completing "A Reason for Handwriting" series. She stretched out the last book and is now finished. She enjoys handwriting and has decided to make her own book with her own practice sheets. Technically, as an 8th grader, she is past the point of learning and she just wants to keep up practicing. I told her that her regular school work is 'practice' too, however, since doing a more formal handwriting practice appeals to her, who am I to stop her?? ;)

While researching online for resources, I thought I'd link to them here for future reference and for others who may be looking for something similar.

First I found Handwriting for Kids. This site has lots of resources.
Kidzone features several printables for cursive.
ABCTeach charts, desk tapes, practice sheets
Home Education Resources has a wonderful collection of practice sheets and charts. Their practice sheets have text from a certain topic--mushrooms, snakes, flowers, etc. The student copies the information--learning while practicing cursive. They also have blank template sheets.
Donna Young (a site I love for MANY reasons) has a great collection of manuscript and cursive sheets.
I found a nice pdf template for handwriting practice on Scroll down nearly to the bottom of the page.

If I find more, I'll edit this post. I have to share the computer now. :)

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