Saturday, August 4, 2007

Gum and Scrapbooking

While participating in a 6p to 2a crop, I experienced something new. No it wasn't the latest tool in scrapbooking or sticker pack or even a new pen (all things I do enjoy). No, this was a gum chewing experience where instead of taking off the wrapper, you put the whole thing in your mouth and chewed it! (Yeah, you read right, you chew the wrapper.) I thought the girl was kidding, my friend Deb thought we might be on Candid Camera. The girl assured us she was telling the truth and after Deb said, "I will, if you will", I stooped to the level of peer pressure and ATE the wrapper. We concluded that this will cut down on the land fill problem and all but eliminate the litter crisis.

In the words of Big Mama who thanked "Shark Week" for her blog material:
Thank you girl with edible gum wrappers for providing the material for this post.

The gum had a familiar taste, orangey, kind of like a Chik-let (do you remember those?). And the wrapper had a waxy, yet dissolving into the gum kind of taste. Strange, very strange. I had to admit that I half expected my tongue to swell up or go numb or some odd happening, but it didn't. Every once in a while though I had to pick a tiny piece of wrapper out of my mouth. It just would not dissolve, how rude.

All in all, the digestable gum wrapper wasn't too bad; can't say I'll be buying my own pack though.


  1. You are brave! Even with peer pressure, I don't think I could have brought myself to eat a gum wrapper! :p I'm glad that you had a good time scrapbooking, though.

  2. OH my word! Hilarious! I don't think I'd go there though. Congrats on your bravery.