Sunday, August 12, 2007

Summer Goodness

We have been having some wonderful times lately. I realize I've been more scarce than kids at chore time, however the days have been filled with such fun and heat that by night, I'm too tired to do anything. So what's been happening here you ask:

Two terrific kids (boy, A-11 years old and girl, S-10 years old) have added to the joy of our family this week. They live in Michigan, 8 hours away and tomorrow I'm driving them half way home. (I have to admit that it will be a sad goodbye tomorrow when we have to drop them off. Although, we are SO thankful for the time we have had with them.) We've had all kinds of fun with them. Actually A. has been with our good friends, Jeff and Lora, and their 3 boys, but we've had him a little bit. He is funny and has a contagious laugh. S. has been staying with us; Marissa and her have had the B.E.S.T. time. It does a mama's heart good to hear them giggle and laugh wildly.

Lora and I took Marissa, S. and another 10 year old girl to a mother/daughter conference about 1 1/2 hours away. We left Friday and came back late Saturday night. God is so good and faithful. He answered so many prayers; the time we spent with the girls was rich and wonderful. Lora has been a loving mentor to my Marissa. I'm ever thankful for her "Titus 2" example. Both Lora and I were reminded of good things at the conference. Things that are needed in our children's lives, but that sometimes we get distracted or "too busy" to do. All three girls came away with things they had learned as well as wonderful memories made together.

Soccer is keeping the mama (and dad) taxi busy. Both Marissa and Bethany are playing--sometimes different times and different locations. We are thankful for the opportunity for physical exercise, team work and learning new skills for the girls. Baby boy is thankful for the huge fields in which to run and make mama chase him.

This afternoon friends invited us to go swimming. Great fun for us and for the two terrific kids staying with us. Baby boy wanted to go off the diving board!! We let him...our friend, Curt, was waiting for him. Startled by the rush of chlorine water up his nose, he coughed and sputtered, but really liked it! :) All the kids had fun and were a bit sad when the time came to go home.

But now we are all showered, in jammies, watching Andy Griffith, munching popcorn.

Ahhh, summer goodness.

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