Saturday, October 6, 2007

Anne of Green Gables

Marissa and I are reading Anne of Green Gables. I do enjoy Anne's dramatic ways of saying things, although she drives me to exhaustion reading her monologues aloud. Here is a passage we recently read. Anne has just arrived at Green Gables and Marilla wants to know where the boy is.

Anne begins: "You don't want me!" she cried. "You don't want me because I'm not a boy! I might have expected it. Nobody ever did want me. I might have known it was all too beautiful to last. I might have known nobody really did want me. Oh, what shall I do? I'm going to burst into tears!"

Burst into tears she did. Sitting down on a chair by the table, flinging her arms out upon it, and burying her face in them, she proceeded to cry stormily. Marilla and Matthew looked at each other deprecatingly across the stove. Neither of them knew what to say or do. Finally Marilla stepped lamely into the breach.

"Well, well, there's no need to cry so about it."

"Yes, there IS need!" The child raised her head quickly, revealing a tear-stained face and trembling lips. "YOU would cry, too, if you were an orphan and had come to a place you thought was going to be home and found that they didn't want you because you weren't a boy. Oh, this is the most TRAGIC thing that ever happened to me!"

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This website gives a virtual tour of Green Gables. We haven't taken this yet, but maybe next week. A vacation would do us good.

Here is a pdf version of chapter questions and activities for the book.

Easy Fun School has a list of possible activities, questions and vocabulary from the book.

I am using this teacher's guide (borrowed from a friend) to help supplement what I already have. We will also watch the movie, how could we not?

Included in our study will be a run through Canada...there's that vacation again...We may have to settle for books from the library and the internet in order to 'see' Canada.


  1. Thanks for all of these links! I love Anne---she is the original drama queen! ;)

  2. You might enjoy The Anne of Green Gables Treasury, by Carolyn Strom Collins and Christina Wyss Eriksson. Beautifully illustrated, maps, timelines, cultural history, recipes, crafts, etc.

  3. Thanks Mary Lynn for your suggestion. I'm going to look for that!
    Randi, I knew you'd like Anne too. Thanks for coming by!