Saturday, October 20, 2007

Cool Math Site

Did I just say "cool" and "math" in the same title?? Yes, I believe I did! I have to admit when I was in school, I did NOT understand math. I struggled something awful with it. Now as I homeschool, I'm learning things for the first time...and understanding them. Funny how that works.

Last night Marissa and I found a cool math website with games, definitions, examples, etc. on it. We had so much fun navigating the different areas and playing some of the games. Some require strategy like "connect 4" others require skill like "invaders".

Now, the name of the site we aren't quite sure about--Maths is fun. What is "maths"--the plural of "math"? I always thought math was like the word "deer", the plural also being "deer".

Anyway, it is a neat website! Check it out!

And I'd like to dedicate this entry to our good friend, Ben. He is a highschool math teacher--extraordinarily brilliant in his field. He adapted this quote:
Math is cool.
There is nothing cooler.
If cool were a kingdom,
Math would be the ruler.

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  1. Is the site British? They say "maths", short for "mathematics", I'm guessing.