Tuesday, November 6, 2007

At Home

We have been home now for a couple days with no outside appointments or places to be. Very nice! Especially since we are sharing one vehicle...the days that I don't need to go anywhere, my Hunny can just take the van to work. So we've been tackling school one day at a time. Overall, things are going well and the girls are doing very well in their schoolwork.

Here is Marissa at the table doing her math.

Here is Trenton singing "My God is so BIG!" How cute is that? Yes, he is standing up in his chair, but right after I snapped this picture I made him sit down.
Here is Bethany making her Thanksgiving Turkey. And below is the finished work. The turkey's body is her foot and of course the feathers are her hand prints. And I even remembered to put the date on the back. :) Bethany has her apron on because she helped me bake some lemon bars (from a box mix). My sister, Sara gave me quite a few boxes of these lemon bars. Guess we just aren't lemony people because none of us like them. However we had a fun time making them.
Hope you all are having a good day!

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