Monday, January 7, 2008

Getting back into a routine

Today was our first day back to school and some sort of routine. I worked some of the weekend trying to get lessons planned, chores mapped out and my life in order (ha! that would take much more than a weekend!) But anyway, we made the best of the day--but people, it was a hard day. We were all struggling. I heard this song over the weekend and it has been a great reminder...

Michael English - The Only Thing Good In Me

I heard someone say the other day
They’d seen in me true love displayed
Blessed by something I had done for them
No sooner did they speak those words
I found myself somehow disturbed
Uneasy as I took their compliment
‘Cause I know the heart inside this man
I know the truth of who I am

The only thing that’s good in me is Jesus
The only thing that’s good in me is Jesus
I’ve lived long enough to know
No matter what this life may show
The only thing that’s good in me is Jesus

If you could walk the hallways of my heart
And see things as they really are
I wonder if you might be surprised
Seeing faded walls of pride and fear
Rooms I’ve filled with faithless tears
And corners where I’ve stood in compromise
But you’d see the work His grace has done
You’d know just how far I’ve come


In a thousand years
When the dust of this world clears
And I look back on my life
And see in perfect light

The words to this song are so me--especially the 2nd verse. I'm thankful for His grace and mercy in my life. He is the only good in me.

My blogging goal is to be back to regular posts real soon (like by the end of this week). I have fun things to share about homeschool plans, craft projects, yummy recipes and more!

Note: lyrics were found here.


  1. I hear you sister. I will be praying for you this week. :)

  2. If it makes you feel any better I'd say it would take a whole year and a team of specially trained people to get MY life in order ;) haha

  3. So true! Your song is like "apples of gold on a setting of silver".