Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy Anniversary to My Hunny

In honor of our 13th wedding anniversary, I thought I'd list 13 reasons I love my Hunny. (These will be in no particular order.)

1. My Hunny continues to love me even though so often I'm unlovely.
2. He has a hilarious sense of humor.
3. He is passionate about his Lord and Savior.
4. He loves our children and puts their needs before his own. (Yep, he's the first one to get up in the night with them.)
5. He supports my creative pursuits and appreciates the way I strive to make our house a home.
6. He encourages me to have time to myself and tries to make ways for the two of us to have time alone.
7. He enjoys lots of types of music and dances with our kids around the house.
8. He senses when one of the kids (or I) need extra cuddle time with him and he will sit with that person hugging and whispering sweet nothings.
9. He takes care of our house and vehicles.
10. He works extremely hard to provide for us.
11. He loves and cares for our extended family members.
12. He thinks I'm pretty...and funny.
13. He has honored the commitment we made to each other 13 years ago.

Happy Anniversary, Hunny.


  1. Happy Anniversary!!!

  2. Definitely a winner! Congratulations and happy anniversary!