Monday, January 5, 2009

2009 in a Word

Finally the revealing of my one word focus for 2009


That's it. I am determined. Last year my word(s) were Obey and Joy. These words were a wonderful focus for me. They helped me in times when I didn't want to do what I know I needed to do. And it helped me do it joyfully.

I suppose in some ways, this year's word is related to those same themes. I am determined to do what I know I need to do.
  • Determined to read my Bible and spend time in prayer. I was reading another blog today and she had linked to a one year Bible reading program. The neat thing about this program is that it is only 25 days, so if you (I) get behind then I have a couple days to catch up. I'm not sure if I'll be determined to read through the Bible in a year (although that's a fine goal). My determination is to spend time learning more about Him and listening to Him. (Note:I know nothing else about this church/website except for the Bible reading program that I mentioned.)
  • Determined to choose joy in my heart (and on my face).
  • Determined to spend time with my hunny and kids; making my time with them intentional and purposeful. I want to spend time with my family (and friends) doing the things that we want to do and having fun doing the things we need to do.
  • Determined to make healthy choices in my eating and exercising.
  • Determined to make strides toward preserving our memories in scrapbooks and photo albums.
Just determined.
You'd be amazed at how this one word focus has propelled me forward--from a place of not-doing to doing, from a moment of indecision to a moment of decision, from an almost wasted block of time to redeeming that time. Determined.
There you have it.
I'd love to hear your one word focus for this year.


  1. I've always thought determined was an excellent word - but I am a terribly stubborn woman! I think right now God is using my stubbornness as tenacity to keep me from loosing heart and giving up this uphill battle of chronic illness! I pray that the Lord uses 'determined' in you life this year to help you put off the old and put on the new creation you are in Him!

  2. Birdie--I like your word "gratitude" too. Take care of those precious ones God has given you. You are already putting gratitude into practice when your coffee maker went out! :)

    Heather--I pray that God continues to help you through your illness. You are an inspiration to me.