Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Make your Own Worksheets

My hunny is teaching a homeschool high school psychology class this winter. Tomorrow will be the second class and so far, he likes it. He enjoyed getting to know the kids a little bit and seeing all their different personalities (I think there are 7 or 8 kids in the class). Anyway, I'm helping him prepare (call me secretary, I suppose). He is trying to make it interesting and help the kids remember what they've read, learned and studied. So, tonight I made a crossword puzzle for the vocabulary words. I searched for a free site and wanted to share the results of my search. I think I may start doing this for some of Marissa's review sheets.

Free Puzzle Maker is the site I used to make the crossword puzzle. I didn't choose the pay option, only the print right now option. It also has a solution you can print out. I liked this site because I only had to type in the words and the clues, click "create puzzle" and walaa, the puzzle was done.
Billy Bear 4 Kids has worksheet templates--obviously from the name this site is for much younger kids. I'm thinking my Bethany might enjoy some of these.
The Teacher's Corner has a crossword puzzle maker and also puzzles that are already made on different topics.

I hope the class goes well for him.

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