Friday, January 16, 2009

Homemade Ranch Crackers

Years ago, a good friend of mine had a bunch of us ladies over to her house for a weekend retreat. It was such a relaxing, delightful time. We exchanged recipes, talked about homemaking, shared meals together, took a walk and grew together as sisters in Christ. I cherish that time.

One recipe that I received at that weekend retreat was this one for make your own seasoned crackers. They are yummy and addicting and as some famous brand can't eat just one.

We had these crackers this evening with Golden Potato Soup.

Cracker Snacks

20 oz. oyster crackers
½ t. dill weed
½ t. lemon pepper
½ t. garlic salt
1 package original ranch seasoning
¾ c. oil

Mix all dry ingredients and pour over crackers. Pour oil over all and toss intermittently for one hour. Store in Ziploc bag or in glass jar with tight fitting lid. Best if served 24 hours later.

I reduced the amount of ranch seasoning (didn't use the entire package) and also reduced the amount of garlic salt. My kids love these crackers and they are very inexpensive to make. (I bought the oyster crackers at Aldi.)

Do you have any frugal recipes that you'd like to share?

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  1. Hey Heather,
    Nathan just made that recipe at Christmas! I had accidentally purchased the low sodium oyster crackers, and nobody would eat them. They sure went fast once we seasoned them.

  2. Susan--that's so neat that Nathan just made them too. Yeah, my kids gooble them right up.

    Birdie--let me know if you try them. They are good.